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Connecting cable or Cabling Harmonic NSG-9000 RF Gateway with MC3Gx60v and DTI server TC1000

Below is a brief cabling on NSG-9000 and MC3Gx60v. if you need assistant, please drop us an email at visit us or call/text 714 890 2790. Please support us here so we could take care all your network issue / problems or planning for a future project(s).

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Ethernet Ports

Ethernet ports - allow connection to separate networks. The Ethernet ports are labeled ETH1 and ETH2. ETH1 is a management port and ETH2 is for future use. Both ports are 10/100 Base-T ports

DTI Ports

The DTI ports, labeled DTI1 and DTI2, are optional and are operating once a DTI card is installed. The latter is installed when the NSG 9000 device is operating in an M-CMTS application. You may purchase a device with the DTI card installed or install it by yourself.

ASI Monitoring Port

The NSG 9000 platform may duplicate one of the output transport streams to the ASI output port designed for monitoring purposes. Use this port to connect to devices that accept ASI input such as an MPEG analyzer

GbE Input Ports.

The NSG 9000 platform includes six GbE ports labeled GbE 1- 3 and GbE 1 - 3. Three ports support Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers for either fiber or copper cables and the other three support copper cables for 1000 Base-T cables only. Any combination of active ports is supported except for the following:

* Copper #1 & SFP #1

* Copper #2 & SFP #2

* Copper #3 & SFP #3

SFP Module

The SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) module converts optical data into electrical data and vice versa. The SFP modules allow the NSG to receive input signals over a variety of physical interfaces:

„* Single-mode optical interface (1000 Base-LX)

„* Multi-mode optical interface (1000 Base-SX)

„* Copper interface (1000 Base-T)

QAM-RF Modules

Each QAM-RF module performs QAM modulation and up conversion of the QAM signal. EachQAM-RF module includes two QAM-RF ports labeled 1 and 2. Each port may output up to four channels as your license permits.

Cabling the GbE Ports

To connect the GbE port to the GbE switch, use either of the following:

„Multimode or single-mode optic fiber with an LC connector. The LC connector plugs into an SFP receptacle and accommodates two fibers, one for transmission and the other for reception.

„Shielded and grounded CAT-6 or CAT-7 cable with an RJ-45 connector. The RJ-45 connector plugs into a copper SFP receptacle or a built-in RJ-45 connector. The GbE ports are either fiber/copper or copper only ports. The following configuration of GbE ports is not supported:

* GbE 1 fiber/copper and GbE1 copper,

* GbE 2 fiber/copper and GbE 2 copper

* GbE 3 fiber/copper and GbE 3 copper

NOTE: GbE port redundancy is not supported in this version

To cable the GbE ports

1. Insert the SFP modules into the required ports at the back of the NSG 9000.

I am hoping this blog will help you somewhat and as i mentioned above, please support us here so we could be your assistant. please drop us an email at visit us or call/text 714 890 2790.


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