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Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V Requirement

The Cisco uBR10012 universal broadband router must have two DOCSIS Timing, Communication and Control (DTCC) cards configured in the DOCSIS Timing Interface (DTI) mode to make the Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V cable interface line card work with an Edge QAM (EQAM) device.

The Cisco uBR10012 router can include:

  • Up to eight Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V line cards and up to six Cisco Wideband SPAs, or both

  • A mix of older line cards and up to six Cisco Wideband SPAs, or both

  • Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V line card must use PRE4 with SIP-600

  • Dual DTCCs are required even when connected to a single DTI server

The Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V line card offers high availability through:

  • N+1 redundancy for the Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V line card. A Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V can serve as a protect line card for up to seven Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V line cards.

Please call / text 714 890 2790 if for further details .

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