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Many companies have learned a hard lesson over the past few years about economics and how to get the most out of their IT budget while still meeting the ever-changing needs of the company and its customers.

In the 1990s, companies were thriving and could afford to devote large portions of their budgets to IT, routinely purchasing the most current networking products. In the early years of the 21st century, companies changed their spending habits to buy only what was absolutely necessary, and held back on equipment upgrades and the adoption of advanced technologies.

Recent trends, however, show that companies are once again investing in improving their networks. The focus is on investing wisely in a network that will promote company growth, position the company to stay ahead of ever-evolving business needs, and help ensure a competitive edge.

According to Cisco CEO John Chambers, "It doesn't matter where we are in the world. Wherever I go, the first thing CEOs talk about is growth." He adds, "The second thing they want to discuss is how to build in the capability to grow, to use information technology (IT) to help enable, and perhaps even change, their business strategy, and how to do that with flexibility and agility."

To enable this growth, companies are not just looking for the fastest switch or the most powerful router. Rather, today's companies are looking for the best system on which to run all of their network services and communications: a network system that addresses the needs of all employees (whether at headquarters or the branch office) along with the demands of customers anywhere, anytime.

Cisco has been central to many historic changes in technology and its use. Now, when the technology industry is going through a period of dramatic change, Cisco remains the market leader in multiple areas, such as routing and switching, unified communications, mobility, and security. The company helped catalyze the industry's move toward IP, and, now that it is fully under way, Cisco is at the center of fundamental changes in the way the world communicates.

Based not only on its technical prowess, but also its financial stability, commitment to innovation, and dedication to its customers, Cisco enjoys a reputation as one of the top companies in the world

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