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Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers

Simple, Scalable, Secure

The Cisco ASR 9000 Series router is a multilayer Ethernet switching and aggregation platform. It is also a label edge router (LER) that sits at the edge of a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. The router has links that extend outside the MPLS network. It provides access and aggregation services for enterprise and service providers.

The ASR 9000 Series routers are the cornerstone for modern carrier networks. The ASR 9000 Series is designed to grow with your network and business needs—as a modular, high density, power efficient, and secure platform with software virtualization capabilities. Deliver the scale, simplicity, and security your network needs with the ASR 9000 Series.

Features and benefits

Optimize network performance and reduce complexity

A scalable, carrier-class distributed forwarding router, the router is designed for the redundancy, high security and availability, packaging, power and other requirements needed by service providers.

The router aggregates triple play and Ethernet service traffic from Gigabit Ethernet devices, aggregating these services to 10 Gigabit Ethernet IP, MPLS edge, or core.

The ASR 9000 delivers a comprehensive feature-set and brings scalable simplicity to the edge; with pay-as-you-grow options, carrier-class reliability, and streamlined service provisioning.

Automate Network Operations

Take advantage of IOS XR’s feature sets on the ASR 9000 Series with Cisco automation tools, or develop and use your own tools with available APIs.

PLEASE CALL / TEXT 714 890 2790 FOR ANY INQUIRIES. WE CARRY ALL ASR9000 / A9K LINE CARDS IN STOCK SHIPPING SAME DAY.... LIKE A9K-8X100G-LB-SE A9K-8X100G-LB-TR A9K-8X100GE-SE A9K-8X100GE-TR A9K-4X100GE-SE A9K-4X100GE-TR A9K-400G-DWDM-TR A9K-MOD400-SE A9K-MOD400-TR A9K-MOD200-SE A9K-MOD200-TR A9K-24X10GE-1G-SE A9K-24X10GE-1G-TR A9K-48X10GE-1G-SE A9K-48X10GE-1G-TR A99-12X100GE A99-8X100GE-SE A99-8X100GE-TR A9K-MOD80-SE A9K-MOD80-TR A9K-MOD160-SE A9K-MOD160-TR A9K-24X10GE-SE A9K-24X10GE-TR A9K-36X10GE-SE A9K-36X10GE-TR A9K-2X100GE-SE A9K-2X100GE-TR A9K-1X100GE-SE A9K-1X100GE-TR A9K-40GE-SE A9K-40GE-TR A9K-4T16GE-SE A9K-4T16GE-TR A9K-40GE-L A9K-40GE-B A9K-40GE-E A9K-4T-L A9K-4T-B A9K-4T-E A9K-8T/4-L A9K-8T/4-B A9K-8T/4-E A9K-2T20GE-L A9K-2T20GE-B A9K-2T20GE-E A9K-8T-L A9K-8T-B A9K-8T-E A9K-16/8T-B A9K-RSP880-TR A9K-RSP880-SE A9K-RSP880-LT-TR A9K-RSP880-LT-SE A9K-8X100GE-LB-SE ● A9K-8X100GE-LB-TR ● A9K-8X100GE-SE ● A9K-8X100GE-TR ● A9K-4X100GE-SE ● A9K-4X100GE-TR ● A9K-2X100GE-SE ● A9K-2X100GE-TR ● A9K-1X100GE-SE ● A9K-1X100GE-TR ● A9K-36X10GE-SE ● A9K-36X10GE-TR ● A9K-24X10GE-SE ● A9K-24X10GE-TR ● A9K-48X10GE-1G-SE ● A9K-48X10GE-1G-TR ● A9K-24X10GE-1G-SE ● A9K-24X10GE-1G-TR ● A9K-MOD400-SE ● A9K-MOD400-TR ● A9K-MOD200-SE ● A9K-MOD200-TR ● A9K-MOD160-SE ● A9K-MOD160-TR ● A9K-MOD80-SE ● A9K-MOD80-TR ● A9K-VSM-500 ● A9K-SIP-700 ● A9K-4T16GE-SE ● A9K-4T16GE-TR ● A9K-40GE-SE ● A9K-40GE-TR ● A99-12X100GE (supported with RSP880-LT and A99-RSP) ● A99-8X100GE-SE (supported with RSP880-LT and A99-RSP) ● A99-8X100GE-TR (supported with RSP880-LT and A99-RSP) ● A9K-400G-DWDM-TR A9K-RSP440-TR and A9K-RSP440-SE ● A9K-8X100G-LB-SE ● A9K-8X100G-LB-TR ● A9K-8X100GE-SE ● A9K-8x100GE-TR ● A9K-8x100GE-CM ● A99-8X100GE-SE ● A99-8x100GE-TR ● A99-8x100GE-CM ● A9K-4X100GE-SE ● A9K-4x100GE-TR ● A9K-MPA-1X100GE* (ASR 9000 modular line cards required) ● A9K-MPA-2X100GE* (ASR 9000 modular line cards required ● A9K-1X100GE-SE ● A9K-1X100GE-TR ● A9K-2X100GE-SE ● A9K-2X100GE-TR A9K-MOD400-SEA9K-MOD400-TR A9K-MPA-20X10GE A9K-MPA-2X100GE A9K-MPA-1X100GEA9K-MPA-20X1GEA9K-MPA-8X10GEA9K-MPA-4X10GEA9K-MPA-2X10GEA9K-MPA-2X40GEA9K-MPA-1X40GE

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